Group Work

Working in groups amplifies everyone’s energy and learnings so I especially enjoy facilitating workshops and coaching teams. I customize short or days-long workshops on themes important to leadership, such as:

  • Interpersonal skills for high-performance leadership
  • The intersection of identity, values, and power
  • The role of emotions in the workplace 
  • Mindful conflict and difficult feedback 

I also coach intact leadership teams using methodologies proven over decades in Stanford’s leadership curriculum at The Graduate School of Business. Similar to individual coaching, I will:

  • Gather each team member’s unique experience of the team
  • Collect confidential feedback on individual leaders via 1-1 interviews with direct reports, peers and stakeholders, and manager or Board members
  • Observe staff meetings for insight into team dynamics, norms, effectiveness, etc.
  • Synthesize a team assessment
  • Recommend key objectives for team development
  • Participate in staff meetings to provide candid, caring, and real-time coaching

Please note: Each year I spend about a month in silence and solitude. If this falls within our engagement, we would simply extend our contract by a month. However, such a break may not suit the continuity of support your team needs. Please consider this in choosing to work with me.