Executive Coaching

Leadership is the landscape of identity and values, of emotions and relationships - and of power. Often issues of leadership concern who has power and why; what are sources of power; how power is used, for what purpose, and to what effect; and so on. As a leadership coach, I help my clients to realize their unconscious mindsets around these issues, and to turn their reflexive habits into intentional, value-aligned choices.

Through coaching, unlike with consulting or advising, clients arrive at their own insights and do the work themselves. I provide the radical acceptance, relentless inquiry, and research-based practices that are a proven combination for making lasting change. I work best with people who can self-reflect, are open to influence, and willing to experiment.

I support private and corporate clients by:

  • Gathering confidential feedback via 1-1 interviews with direct and skip-level reports, peers and stakeholders, and manager (or Board members)
  • Observing staff meetings and providing insights on group dynamics
  • Synthesizing a 360 assessment including key strengths and areas for development
  • Recommending key skill-development objectives within the context of real challenges and goals
  • Providing candid, caring, and regular coaching (typically bi-weekly sessions suit most clients)

A typical engagement is 9-12 months. Need-based fee adjustments are possible, please don't hesitate to inquire. If you pay the full rate, you support pro bono work in underestimated communities.

Please note: Each year I spend about a month in silence and solitude. If this falls within our engagement, we would simply extend our contract by a month. However, such a break may not suit the continuity of support you need. Please consider this in choosing to work with me.